Friday, 7 October 2016

Moss, models and Mini-based GTs

Unipower owner Tim Carpenter took his GT to Goodwood in September, and had a chance to snap Stirling Moss with it. Tim wrote: "Please see attached some shots taken at the Goodwood Revival at the
beginning of September. They re-enact the shot of Sir Stirling Moss and 'A Model' taken at the 1967 Racing Car Show." Meanwhile, he took it to Castle Combe last weekend, too, where Pete Flanagan's Unipower was also seen. In fact Pete's red ex-Janspeed racer is the actual - then white - car shown with Moss and Monika Dietrich in '67. Well done boys!

Moss and model back in 1967, when the Unipower GT was launched at the Racing Car Show
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Fast forward 49.5 years and Moss still likes the Unipower. And a model. Here at Goodwood
Picture Tim Carpenter

Tim's car again at Castle Combe, now joined by Pete's racer - the white car Moss posed with
Picture courtesy Pete Flanagan

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  1. Hey Jeroen, thanks for covering these events. Remember though that the Unipower GT was launched the year earlier at the '66 show. Monika did sit on top of Tim Carpenter's car in one of the other shots from that '67 show when both our cars were displayed together so last Saturday at Castle Combe was a reunion for the first time since then. We're thinking of doing the same again at the Autosport Show early next year as that's the 50th anniversary to the day! Pete