Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy 2017! Winners announced

Maximum Mini Find of the Year 2016: the 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos
Picture Jeroen Booij

I have to admit that it's no big surprise that the Mini Marcos Le Mans car won the title of Best Find of 2016 with 89% of the votes. As you will know the car is owned by your's truly and I will keep you updated on the project of bringing it back to its former glory: that of the Summer of 1966, when it was famously raced at the circuit de la Sarthe. In the meantime, I have been totally overwhelmed with reactions, some of them leading to more information about the car's checkered history or even to parts that were fitted to it originally. Thanks also for voting, not in the last place to the brave people who chose for one of the other four cars that made it to this year's poll.

And then there was the traditional Maximum Mini Christmas puzzle. Won once again by Neil Kilbane. Congratulations, Neil, a book is on its way. Just let me know what I can sell to you as you are costing me far too much! The right answers were:

1. Peter Hanman, Cadwell Park, 1975
2. Hans Casteleyn (Algemeen Racing Team), Zandvoort, 1969
3. William Dulles, Nürburgring 500 kms race, 1966
4. John d Green, Brands Hatch, 1966
5. Geoff Mabbs, Weston Super Mare Speed Trials, 1965
6. Claude Swietlick and Johnny Rives, Paris 1000 kms, 1966
7. Adam Potocki and Claude Swietlick, Paris 1000 kms, 1966
8. S. Hemley, Silverstone, 1965
9. Jean-Louis Marnat and Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Paris 1000kms 1966
10. António Batista, Vila Real, 1981
11. Tim Lalonde, Le Mans test day, 1967
12. Jackie Bond-Smith and Joey Cook (FLIRT), Nürburgring 1,000 kms, 1967
13. Guy Edwards and Peter Anslow, Nürburgring 1,000 kms, 1967
14. Andreasson / Lundberger (Babea Racing), Targa Florio, 1967
15. Roy Johnson and Guy Edwards, Gran Premio del Mugello, 1966
16. Andy Barton, Rufforth Airfield, 1967


  1. Congratulations Neil, will you be making the trip to Blyton?
    ps. Andy Barton pic 16 is Rufforth.

    Hapy newyear to all. Ian

  2. Thanks.
    I was disappointed I couldn't get number 8. I searched very hard for any information on a Mini Marcos running the 48IDA Weber as in the photo but could only find it in one of the Fletcher GT pics, the one with the damaged front end, but there was no reference to the driver of the Marcos only that it was a Mk1.