Monday, 7 August 2017

Maximum Minis meet up

A lovely little meeting of Mini derivatives took place during the Cambridge Mini Chill last weekend. With GTM Rossas Mk1 and Mk2, a Peel Viking, Ranger Cub, Domino Pimlico, Heinz 57 Hornet, Sabre Vario and Whitby Morrison 'Batman' ice cream van, several of them having been seen here before, this was an excellent turn-out of 'Maximum Minis'. Let's hope we can show more of them at other shows, too. The photographs are all by Steve Hudson.

Mini derivative owners and their cars came together at the Cambridge Mini Chill last weekend
Picture Steve Hudson

GTM Rossa from Germany, Sabre Vario, Peel Viking, Ranger Cub and Batman ice cream van
Picture Steve Hudson

And there's more. Pimlico, Rossa Mk1, Heinz Hornet. What to choose? He doesn't know!
Picture Steve Hudson

Interest in Mini based cars clearly is rising. We should display more of them at shows!
Picture Steve Hudson

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  1. It was a very nice meeting and I have never seen so many rare cars on a square. The trip with the GTM from Germany was very good. I hope I can see a few more exotics next year.