Tuesday 26 September 2017

New: Maximum Mini Heritage

I get so many requests from people who want to find out more about specific cars, that I think the time has come for a new service. I also think its fair to say that Maximum Mini is by now the largest source on Mini based cars built between 1960 and today. The Maximum Mini files include original build specifications, sales literature and historical correspondence on many of these cars plus contain a photographic archive with more than 40,000 pictures.

So if you would like to know more about a Mini derivative, Maximum Mini Heritage can supply you with copies of all relevant documents. Contact me and I should be able to give you the available background information, even if a car is very obscure.

This new service includes the following:

A copy of each photograph, sent digitally:
£ 6.00

A file on the make and model of any Mini based car, including words and a selection of photographs, sent digitally:
£ 45.00

A full file on a specific car, including all the material and information available from the Maximum Mini archives, presented in a Maximum Mini Heritage folder, with updates up to 12 months from order:
£ 275.00

Last but not least, I am pleased to offer an elaborate Heritage search service. Do you want to find the car you have always wanted to find? Then I am your partner. In the past 10 years Maximum Mini has proved even the unfindable can be found. From Quasar Unipowers to Mk1 Mini Marcoses with or without Le Mans history. From Gordon Murray’s personal Mini based car to the sole Zagato Mini Gatto. Now, how about your dream derivative? Feel free to contact me.
£ P.O.A.

Found: the IGM Minbug by Gordon Murray, seen standing next to Maximum Mini's Jeroen Booij here. Murray had given up searching for the car - Maximum Mini carried on and succeeded
Picture Maximum Mini archive / Michiel van den Brink

Found: the long-lost Le Mans Mini Marcos that famously came 15th overall at the 1966 24-hours race.
Nerve-wrecking search involved bags of cash and all-or-nothing drive to Portugal
Picture Maximum Mini archive / Jurgen Kersten

Found: the Zagato Mini Gatto. Elio Zagato and his chief designer Ercole Spada were certain it was scrapped. Maximum Mini found it in a Milanese shed where it stood since 1973 with 4,107 recorded kms.
Picture Maximum Mini archive / Pieter E. Kamp

Found: One of 13 built Quasar Unipowers in a French barn. And it was one of three there! 
Picture Maximum Mini archive / Arno Lingerak

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  1. I would like to get in touch with Lionel Weaver who has the Paola GT - I owned that car in 70's and I have a couple of pictures prior to outings at Thruxton and Brands Hatch