Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy 2018!

May I wish you all of the best for the New Year? Some exciting projects are on their way, so who knows what we may see back on the roads or tracks in 2018? Meanwhile, Dame Margot Fonteyn's coachbuilt Mini was chosen by you as the Best Find of 2017 (only just with one more vote than the number two Brickette single seat racer from Australia), so congratulations to the new owner who purchased the car in an auction last October (and who I do not know!). This year's Christmas Puzzle saw just two players (come on guys!), with Neil Kilbane once again triumphing. Neil, let me know if you'd like another book or if I can do something else to you. By the way: do you know the answer to the tie break question..?

Maximum Mini Find of 2017: Dame Margot Fonteyn in her coachbuilt Mini. Although not sure, it is believed that Hooper carried out the conversion to the car. Who owns it now? 
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

UPDATE: Car now fully recommissioned and cleaned and bound to make it to the NEC restoration show in March this year. Owner now also known (but wishes to remain anonymous)
Picture via Bill Bell


  1. Was going to enter, but to enter you essentially need books 2 & 3, which just so happen to also be the prize. Forgive me, but if you need the prize to answer the competition, doesn't that defeat the object of the competition? You either can't answer the questions because you don't have the books, or you've got the books so why would you want more copies?

  2. You can surely do it without the books. In fact I think this year's puzzle wasn't too difficult.

  3. A lot of the photos used are not in the book .All the cars are on the facebook page too .so don't need to have the books tbf