Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Mystery Mini derivative (48)

Today's Mystery Mini derivative is not exactly a variant that's ready to roll, but this chassis is clearly meant to be built up with A-series mechanicals. The subframes are there. They are joined by a round tube space frame that's been built as a single seater. It's not a Terrapin though and unfortunately there is no further information. So... who knows more on this one?

UPDATE 13:30 Alastair Brown writes: "It was on Ebay a year or 2 back. There were a couple of other pretty crappy photos, and I think it looked like a '60s F3 or early Formula Ford chopped about pretty crudely to take the Mini frames, which would have done nothing beneficial for either its structural integrity or weight. At a guess it would be for grass tracking? If memory serves me right, it was in France?"

This mystery single seater was clearly meant to be Mini based. But that's all we know
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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