Friday, 26 January 2018

Market round up (winter 2018)

Another look at what's on the Mini derivatives market right now. Most of the cars seen in the selection below are for sale at the moment, although some may have been sold by this time. Any good winter projects for you? Or buy now for the Summer.... Thanks to everyone for letting me know about cars for sale. Do keep them coming!

Good looking Scamp Mk3 with 955 miles from new. In London. See it for sale here

A Midas from France, believed to have 145bhp under the bonnet. See it for sale here

1985 registered Vendavans Ice Star in fully functioning form. See it for sale here

Nice 1987 Andersen Cub, first registered in '89. See it for sale here

Another Cub but this kit has never been built. See it for sale here

Ranger Pick-up said to have 1300 with Cooper 'S' head. See it for sale here

Or... a 1980 Triad Warrior, said to be Cooper-based. See it for sale here

A Hrubon Phaeton, made in Paris by Jean-Claude Hrubon. See it for sale here

Or later incarnation of the Phaeton: a Schmitt. In Cannes and not cheap! See it here 

Newly made from the rediscovered Raubenheimer moulds: Mk3 Mini Marcos shell. For sale here

Another Mk3 Mini Marcos shell with distinctive rear spoiler, in Belgium. For sale here

Or... one that's on its wheels already. Comes with 1275 engine. See it for sale here

A Siva Buggy needing some work, but cheap. In West Wales. See it for sale here

Rare! An AEM Commanchero Six, believed to have been used for falconry. See it here

Foers Nomad pick up, comes with trailer in Nottingham on Irish plates. See it for sale here

Unfinished 1982 GTM Coupe rolling chassis with 1966 papers. See it for sale here

Remarkably tidy Jiffy Pick Up with 1275 engine in South Wales. See it for sale here

Lightspeed Magenta needing much attention, rescued from Yorks barn. See it for sale here

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