Thursday, 18 January 2018

Stimson Mini Bug moulds turn up

And it's time for yet another rediscovery of some long-lost Mini derivative moulds! This time a set of moulds for the Stimson Mini Bug has turned up in Hull. Very convenient for Continental buyers as they can be shipped around the corner, or hang on. The seller states: 'no overses bidders'... They may well be the original factory set, although they are not complete. The bonnet and rear panel bit are missing. Main body tub, side pods, rear hoop and windscreen frame are there, though. Now, which of you budding motor manufacturers is going to give the Bug a new lease of life? See the advertisement here.

In the last few years a surprising number of moulds has turned up, changed owners or was offered for sale. Some of them are:

The Fireball Midget
The Deep Sanderson 301
The Raubenheimer Mini Marcos
The Mini Jem
The Siva Buggy
The Reptune Gullwing
The Birchall McCoy
The Biota
The Stimson Scorcher
The Peel Viking

What's next?

Bonnet are rear panel mould are missing from this set but could be refabricated

The Bug in the photos, supposedly made from the moulds in front, is not included in the sale 

"The moulds are in fair condition for their age but will need inspection and a good waxing"

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