Thursday, 28 June 2018

Much modded Mini Marcoses

Let's share some pictures of Mini Marcoses that were sent over to me in the last couple of weeks. They have one thing in common: these cars come with much modified body work!

Spotted by Chris Higinbotham at Oulton Park in 1983. A racer, with more spoilers and splitters than I had ever seen before!
Picture Chris Higinbotham

Chris wasn't too keen on the car, writing: "This looks like it was made from plywood, nailed together"
Picture Chris Higinbotham

Another racer, with ultra deep front spoiler and ultra wide sills and arches. I do not know anything about it
Picture source unknown

And then there's this, spotted at Stoneleigh in the early 00's by Chris Westgate. The car was crashed at the front and this is how the owner repaired it
Picture Chris Westgate

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