Thursday, 14 June 2018

The original Radford hatchback survives

Before I report about the Beaulieu meeting of the Mini Cooper Register (they were focussing on coachbuilt cars and Mini derivatives this year - more here), I'd like to put the spotlight on one particular car attending the event of last weekend. This was the original Radford Mini hatchback as it could be seen in the back of Radford's Transcontinental Carabus (all info here). Although in a very rough state, it's really good to see that the Mini survives. More to follow!

Just a 1965 Mini Cooper 'S' that is overdue for a mighty restoration, you think? 
Picture courtesy Stuart Watson

No way. This is the first hatchback Mini that Radford built along with an ultra-luxurious bus
Picture courtesy Stuart Watson

Originally pale blue in colour, as can still be seen on the boot. Also note 'Disabled Driver' sign
Picture courtesy Stuart Watson

Just in case you wondered if it could still open up after all those years... it can!
Picture courtesy Henk van Brakel

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