Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Ogle's earlier life in a picture

The Ogle SX1000 seen here last week (click here) prompted some of you to write to me. Thank you  David Markham, Neil Griffin and Paul Fleetwood. All three messages were pretty similar, with David's the most comprehensive one, so I shall quote from his message. He wrote:

"Hi Jeroen, I have just been reading your Maximum Mini blog which, as always, I found most interesting. You recently posted a piece about an Ogle SX1000, registered 7413 MX, a London (Middlesex) registration number. Back in December last year I purchased an Ogle brochure and original Autosport roadtest of an Ogle from Ebay. The seller mentioned that his or her father used to own an Ogle in the early 1960s and they included a photo of the car in the description, although the photo itself wasn't for sale."

"I'm afraid that I didn't ask any more questions and I don't think that I have the seller's name but I did save a copy of the photo and, as you can see, it is of 7413 MX! Obviously I don't have the copyright but as the photo was on Ebay you may be able to make use of it. Hope this is of interest."

Thanks chaps. It certainly is. I have included a copy of the picture below. If you feel I shouldn't use it here as you own the copyright, please let me know. If you know more about the car, please do the same.

The ex-Sandy Skinner Ogle SX1000 before he owned it and without the modified bonnet
Picture source unknown / Ebay

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