Monday, 27 May 2019

Villa d'Este 2019: No prizes but amazing experience

This year's Concorso d'eleganza Villa d'Este is finished, and both Mini derivatives have now started their way home to Greece (John Reymondos' Austin Mini Beach Car) and the US (Jeff Lane's Gyro-X). Both cars didn't win any prizes, but attracted lots and lots of attention. John Reymondos: "Didn't win anything. Amazing experience. The beach car was a public favourite. Huge interest." That's awesome. Thanks for keeping us updated John!

The prototype Beach Car at Villa d'Este. No prizes, but huge interest
Picture John Reymondos

And the wacky Gyro-X in between the Lamborghini Marzal and the Ferrari Modulo
Picture Michael Hüby‎

The Lambo won its class and - it must be admitted - is a real show stopper

John managed to make some pictures of his car with a 600 Jolly at the shores of Lake Como
Picture John Reymondos

Found in a scrapyard in 2010 (here) and now at Europe's most prestigious motoring event
Picture John Reymondos

UPDATE 29 May: And a bonus picture that just had to be made!
Picture John Reymondos

UPDATE 6 June: Great film footage of the Gyro X in action at the concours - Click here

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