Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Gordon Murray's IGM Minbug explained

Gordon Murray's car collection has been the subject of numerous articles in motoring magazine in recent times after the designer held an exhibition called 'One Formula' to celebrate being 50 years in business. You can still find the virtual 3D exhibition online here

The footage below was made by Top Gear magazine in which Murray tells a bit more about the IGM Minbug as well as his Midas parked next to it (from 45:45-on). Although he has the original Minbug, the one seen here actually is a replica made a few years ago. I'll write more about the discovery of the real car soon. Enjoy this one for now!

Video: Top Gear / Youtube

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  1. The entire thing is great to watch, was wondering if you'd get a mention when the minbug came up. That said, of course I am biased and have rewatched the segment on the midas countless times already!