Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Mystery Mini derivative (75)

A Mini derivative that keeps on turning up for sale remains a mystery to me. The car has made it to the market several times in the last three years or so, and I have asked the various sellers for more information about its background. But it remains mostly shrouded in mystery. 

All we know is that the car was based on a 1973 Mini Clubman, came with an 850 engine, a tube chassis clad with plywood and aluminium and distinctive looks. Is there a Hustler underneath? I first saw it for sale in Summer 2018 when it was in Hornsea, Lincolnshire (included in this listing). It supposedly stood for 20 years then and I managed to contact the seller. He wrote: "I understand it was a totally home-built example, but I will have a word with my brother and see if he can remember who he bought it from, to see if there is any history. Will let you know. Cheers, Barrie." 

Unfortunately Barrie never came back to me. A few months ago the car was offered for sale again, now in Nottingham and missing its headlight covers and looking rather more rusty. I got no reply whatsoever to my message and don't know what happened to it. Anyone who does? 

'FBT 518L' is registered as a 1973 Mini Clubman with 850 power. But who built it?
Picture Ebay / Jeroen Booij archive

Tube chassis clad with marine plywood and aluminium, canopy made by a boat company
Picture Ebay / Jeroen Booij archive

Said to be 'totally home built' or could this car have been based on a Hustler 4..?
Picture Ebay / Jeroen Booij archive

Last time it was seen for sale it was missing its headlight covers and had become rustier
Picture Ebay / Jeroen Booij archive

Simple interior. The wedge shape makes for an unusually shaped dashboard 
Picture Ebay / Jeroen Booij archive

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