Friday, 9 July 2021

Quasar Unipower film car survives in France

The Quasar Unipower seen in the French movie 'Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas, mais... elle cause!' driven by the late Mireille Darc (film footage here), appears to survive in great shape in Toulouse, France. 

A number of pictures of the car were posted recently by French garage 'Old Cars City' which did some maintenance work on it, adding: "The owner has had it for a long time, it's part of a collection of over 30 unlikely cars." Apart from the French cult movie, the car with plates '610-VA 75' was seen in a few publications in the period as well.

Quasar Unipower film star survives in Toulouse, France in long-term ownership
Picture Old Cars City

The car is said to be part of a 30-car strong collection. That's a Bond three-wheeler next to it
Picture Old Cars City

Chrome passenger bar is missing, number plates have changed but this is said to be it
Picture Old Cars City

1100 engine with automatic transmission was standard equipment for Quasars
Picture Old Cars City

Same car seen here with Mireille Darc driving it in the 1970 French cult film named...
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

...'Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas, mais... elle cause!' in which Darc plays a TV host
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

'610 VA 75' is seen here with its creators Emanuelle and Quasar Khanh plus children in Paris 
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

And again in a saucy cover shot for French Adam magazine
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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  1. Hi,
    Sorry, the Quasar-Unipower surviving near Toulouse is not the car used in the Audiard Movie.
    It is the first car build by Unipower and has been the own car of Quasar Khanh.
    This car have some distinctive details with the other cars produced like the handle, seats and other things.
    The car in the film is known to have disappeared in February 1970 shortly after filming. I have found seven surviving Quasar-Unipower but this one is not on the list.