Friday, 12 November 2021

Aussie Broadspeed GT hillclimber

A few more pictures of a Brian Foley built Broadspeed GT seen in action in Australia were unearthed by Mark Lambert recently. Mark says they were taken at the Newcastle Mattara hillclimb, probably in 1969. The same car, raced by Tom Winterbourn, was seen briefly before in historical 8mm film footage, see it here.

I did come across one more photograph of it in the files of which I don't know the source. According to my info that one was taken at the 1968 Huntley hillclimb in Wollongong, Australia but it wears the same number 58 on its doors and bonnet. Same venue after all? 

Tom Winterbourn's Broadspeed GT seen at the Newcastle Mattara hillclimb 
Picture Mark Lambert

Now that's a view! These pictures are believed to have been taken in 1969 
Picture Mark Lambert

Same car again, now supposedly at the 1968 Huntley hillclimb in Wollongong, NSW
Picture Jeroen Booij archive, source unknown

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