Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Prisoner Moke breaks record

You may have read or heard that the Mini Moke 'HLT 709C', as famously used in the 1960s series The Prisoner was sold in auction last weekend. I asked the car's owner Phil Caunt, who beatifully restored the car, how he experienced the sale and he was kind enough to send a write up. Over to Phil:
"Silverstone Auctions, NEC Birmingham, Saturday 13th of November 2021. After being there all day since 9 am, lot 350 'HLT 709C The Prisoner Mini Moke' comes up for auction at around 4.30 pm. I admit that it has been a nervous few weeks since entering the car. Advertised previously on Maximum Mini but sadly with no success, I finally took the plunge and entered her, she was estimated at between £50.000 and £60,000 owing to her very famous past, and of course with full provenance to the cult 1960s television show 'The Prisoner' starring Patrick McGoohan."

"Having restored a previous Prisoner Moke CFC 916C back in the 1990's (this car now resides in Los Angeles with my dear friend of over 20 years) buying and restoring this car was just 'meant to be' for me, and now after owning her for 6 years the time to say goodbye has arrived. Going straight in at £50,000, the bidding quickly rose to a final £69,750 including fees. And it was over... in less that 2 minutes! I believe the buyer got himself/herself a bargain to be honest, but hey... that's how it goes. I said my goodbyes, and left. Sad... of course I am. But I have other classics to play with and all are far more user friendly than a Mini Moke. It's the end of an era for me, having owned 100's of cars including many many Minis of all types... I still hanker after an Ogle SX... maybe one day if my health allows it."

Thank you very much Phil. I was wondering if he knew where it goes to now, but Phil doesn't: "I'm afraid I have no idea whatsoever who the buyer was. I am led to believe that the car will remain in the UK, but this is not confirmed." Well, let's see if the new owner will get in touch.

The Prisoner Moke in the salesroom of Silverstone Auctions last weekend
Picture Phil Caunt

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