Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Ranger Cubs found in a field + mystery motor

Ranger Cubs three-wheelers keep on turning up in the last few years and latest now comes from Stuart Christopher Satchell, who recently bumped into not one but two Cubs in a field in the Midlands. They are Red and yellow and both of them unknown to me before. I have now added their registrations 'LPK 631P' and 'HKP 281N' in the little list of Ranger Cubs here.

Unfortunately Stuart had very little information: "Hi jeroen, unfortunately I can't really tell you much about them. Sorry I couldn't be of much help I just come across them when I was doing a delivery there."

Apart from the Cub duo there was another three-wheeler who I think may well be Mini based. It comes on a Q-plate and looks like an Earl Trike but is not that. Anyone who knows more about these three would be much welcome to tell more about them.

A field full of classics, and among them a duo of Ranger Cub three-wheelers
Picture Stuart Christopher Satchell

'HKP 281N' and 'LPK 631P' were previously unknown to me. Who knows more?
Picture Stuart Christopher Satchell

This was also there and I think it could well be another Mini powered 3-wheeler. But what?
Picture Stuart Christopher Satchell

Q-registered, but the plate is not very well visible. It's not an Earl Trike but looks quite similar
Picture Stuart Christopher Satchell

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