Friday, 13 May 2022

Market round up (Spring 2022)

Another market round up to see what is for sale for those wanting to buy a Mini based car right now. Once again there is lots to choose from, from the weird to the wonderful and from the cheap to the expensive. In alphabetical order I present to you:

A beautiful AEM Scout with 1965 registration. Ad here

Andersen Cub in the UK with hardly any miles. Ad here

Andersen Cub Six, a.k.a. Sundancer in St. Tropez. Oh-la-la! Ad here

Banham Sprint with 1275 engine and 1970 reg. Ad here

Gorgeous 1992 Domino Pimlico in The Netherlands. Ad here

Grantura Yak needing TLC but correctly registered. Ad here

GTM Coupe project in Austria. Ad here

1980 Hrubon Phaeton in sunny France. Ad here

Hustler 6 with 1965 registration in Wales. Ad here

Rare Jimini 1 with gull wing doors. Love it! Ad here

Jimini 2 that was featured in Maximum Mini 2. Ad here

Mini Jem Mk2, ready to go, in France. Ad here

One of 4 Mini Marcoses offered for sale in France. Ad here

And another Mk4 Mini Marcos in green. Ad here

And yet another Mk4 in white (that's not a '66 car!). Ad here

Plus a Mk3 Mini Marcos in red. Ad here

1966 Mini Moke with rare Barton hardtop in Spain. Ad here

Barn find Stimson Mini Bug in Northern Ireland. Ad here

Stimson Trek in bits at an eye-watering price. Ad here

Genuine Wood & Pickett Mini needing serious work. Ad here

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