Monday, 2 May 2022

Season in swing

It's been some time since us like minded were allowed to meet up, so now that we are the Mini derivatives are coming out of their hiding again. Below some great pictures shared by others and brought together here for your enjoyment. Hope to see you at an event soon. 

Not one but two Minus Maxis at the Stoneleigh kit car show last weekend!
Picture Paul Wylde

And a lone TiCi in the morning waiting for its Mini based friends
Picture Paul Wylde

And flying the flag for the Scamp Owners Club: a lovely Scamp Mk1
Picture Rollo James Alderwick

More Mini based madness inside the agricultural halls: a Hustler Sports
Picture Richard Porter

A GTM at the Mk1 Performance day at Blyton Park 2022. What a paint job!
Picture Andy Barrass

Out for a sunny spin in his Mosquito: Damien Lescroart and daughter
Picture Damien Lescroart

Offered for sale in New Zealand: a genuine Broadspeed GT 
Picture Kelly Ann Brass

And a Broadspeed GT replica that has just been finished in Germany
Picture Doc Mabo

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