Monday, 13 June 2022

Status Minipower spotted - in 1984

This great picture of a Status Minipower at show in the UK in 1984 was posted recently by Richard Dean. The car is the one registered 'YVF 904L' and despite having been in touch with some of its previous owners and despite a sign of life dating back to 2020, I still don't know where it is now. 

Stuart Hards owned it from late 1982 until August '84 when he made a deal with Mike Wilsdon who took it over at the Hindhead show, possibly when this picture was taken? Ten years ago he wrote: "It was fitted with an Austin 1100cc engine but was pretty quick due to the lack of weight. Handling was very good, ride was a bit harsh! Don't know how it would cope with all the speed humps we have now, as it was quite low!" (full story here) and for its last sign of life click here.

Also note the Lotus Seven kind of car next to it, which looks pretty big. I don't know if you ever saw a Seven yourself but compared to just about anything on the road today that is a very small car...  

Status Minipower 'YVF 904L' at a show (Hindhead?) in 1984. Where is it now?
Picture Richard Dean

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