Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ogle SX1000 up for auction

I think you guys will know this car. It was featured in Maximum Mini (the book) and came past here once or twice too. But this time it is up for auction on October 31 in central London. It will be offered with no reserve but the estimate is 18,000 - 22,000 GBP. Read what the auction house says about it here.

Ogle SX1000 was lovingly restored by Geoff Hunter back in the early 2000's
Picture courtesy RM Auctions 
With chassis number 63 it is a very late car. 69 were built in total (most sources say 66)
Picture courtesy RM Auctions
Despite being an SX1000 the engine is a later 1275 with many modernizations
Picture courtesy RM Auctions
The interior is cool but not original. The chequered fabric is from a Ford Transit!
Picture courtesy RM Auctions

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  1. My dad owned this car in the mid 1960's and drove it between Lewes and Pinewood Studios where he worked. He loved this car but it was darker then, not red.....