Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mini Marcos on test

Great! Classic and Sports Car - without doubt one of my favourite magazines - tests a Mini Marcos in their next (December) issue. They made a little teaser video, too, which has now been posted on the web. James Elliott - group editor of the mag - seems very enthusiastic about it, saying "The steering is like a Lancia Stratos. It's up in the top 5. Like a really well set up Porsche 911, Lotus Elan, you name them." Elliott definitely is the man at C&CS to test drive this car as his first car was a Mini, or so he says. I happen to know it actually was a quirky Mini derivative, wasn't it James?
UPDATE: The man himself speaks: "My first car was a Mini (1973 1000), though, the Scamp came a few years later!"

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