Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (26)

Time for some mystery and suspense, as long as you are into quirky Mini based stuff at least. This time with a sporty little roadster, influenced by Lotuses perhaps. On its nose cone you may just be able to read out the name 'Delaney', and the 1974 registration tells us that is indeed what this car is called. But what is a Delaney? I do not have the faintest idea, and my source doesn't mention anything else either. However, the Delaney does seem to use an 1100- rather then a Mini engine (and subframe), while the front suspension looks Triumph sourced to me. Is it home brewn? The square panels may suggest just that. Or could it be slightly more professional and were there ever more Delaneys? Let me know!

Pointed nose and widened wheels. Oh yes, this has to be a child of the 1970s

Parts seem to come from many sources; hood doesn't fit too well; body looks aluminum

Open that tiny little bonnet to reveal another A-series engine. An 1100? The subframe is

Petrol tank is located in the front. Suspension looks to be Triumph sourced


  1. Hi,
    I used to own this car. I remember re-engining it with a engine from a Vanden Plas. Don't know it's history, but it was a great fun car.
    Steve T

    1. Thanks Steve! What sort of engine did it use before you put in the VandenPlas?

  2. I think it was from an Austin 1100, it was seized when I bought it, hence I re-engined it. I never managed to find out who Mr Delaney was, but didn't have the power of the internet then. He must have been a clever bloke. I was told that it was designed and made during the boom of the kit car with the intention of it being one itself, but never happened. I sold it as I needed the space in the garage and think the person who bought it was going to use it for hill climbing. I had the feeling it would get wrecked, so am glad to see it has survived!