Friday, 5 October 2012

Today 44 years ago - 'Terrapin-Min' day

October 5, 1968 was a special day for the late Allan Staniforth - designer of both the Mini based Terrapin as well as the Sarcon Scarab (also known as the Whippingham Wrogue). On that day, exactly 44 years ago today, he set no less then 9 world speed records on Elvington airfield in his self-built 'Terrapin-Min', a race car that would soon become a hit under DIY enthusiasts trying to beat some records, too. In actual fact 4 of Staniforth's records made 44 years ago stand to this day: the 1 kilometre standing start; 1/4 mile flying start; 1 mile standing start and 1 mile flying start, all in 'Class G' for over 750cc to 1100cc. At the 1 kilometre run a 210.262km/h top speed was achieved with a standard Mini 3.7 final drive and 13" Sprite wheels at the rear, borrowed from a friend!

The wonderfull picture below was kindly provided by Richard Heseltine and is from a Britax press release. The original caption says: "Amateur racing driver Allan Staniforth in his home-made 'Terrapin-Min' with which he broke 9 speed records at Elvington, Yorkshire on October 6th (according to my information it was the 5th-JB). Britax produced a special set of racing harness for the car, which, for the first time, incorporated a pair of thigh-support straps." Thanks again, Richard!

Allan Staniforth and his 'Terrapin-Min' record car at home in Yorkshire
Picture provided by Richard Heseltine

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