Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Notts Nimrod for sale

Definitely no more then 15 Mini based Nimrods were built from 1969 to somewhere in the 1980s. Probably even less. And one of them has now appeared for sale in Nottingham. It's a car I had never seen before and it looks perfectly quirky to me - just like it should be. It's registered on a 1971-plate with a Morris 850 as a donor. The seller writes: "Would be ideal for: investment piece, classic car shows, conversation piece (brag to your mates)." I'm not too sure about that first option, but the last one sounds very appropriate. See it for sale here - and don't forget to drop me a line if you become the new owner!

Wide 10" wheels and screaming paint job combined with the Nimrod's amphibious looks
Picture courtesy ebay.co.uk
Nimrod's designer Mike Jupp was - and is - a cartoonist, which may explain a thing
Picture courtesy ebay.co.uk


  1. Ray Jay was the builder of the original Nimrods. I only styled the original. Neither Ray or I were respnsible for THAT roof or the colour sceme!- Mike Jupp
    My car - June 2013 - A Ray Jay original!!!