Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013: the Maximum Mini Forum is here

Hello, and a happy new year to all! With 2012 now behind us I can tell you which car won the 'Best Find of 2012': it's the Mystery Maya GT, so I will soon write an update about that. Then there was last year's Christmas puzzle, which I'd decided to make somewhat more difficult after having received complaints about it being too easy in previous years. Well well, it resulted in very few answers via comments and e-mails, so I promise you the 2013 edition will be simpler again! If you want to know the solution - you will find it in the puzzle's update now. 

Furthermore I have decided that in 2013 it should be about time to start a discussion forum. And by contrast, I have immediately set up one. You can see it by clicking on the forum logo in the right hand column of my blog (or simply here) and I hope it will soon lead to some lively threads. I look much forward to hearing of you there, so please feel free to start a subject.

This is the logo for Maximum Mini's Forum - the place to discuss anything Mini based

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