Monday, 21 January 2013

Restoring a pristine Unipower GT

After last week's snap of a Unipower GT at the Racing Car Show (click!), I received a message about another Unipower. In fact it was about one of the Unipower GTs in my book. The bright orange car in the Mk2 chapter, that is. I photographed that in Tokorozawa, Japan, back in 2008 where it was for sale at 5 million yens (35,000 GBP approx.). And it was sold, too. But by now it is undergoing a full restoration. That surprised me, as it appeared in pristine condition to me some years ago...

Back in 2008 the Unipower GT looked like this. I thought it was mouthwatering
Picture Jeroen Booij
But by now it is undergoing a full restoration. I wonder what it will look like next
Picture via Mike Blumell
Note removed a-posts and cluster holes to accomodate the big later type rear lights
Picture via Mike Blumell

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