Wednesday, 24 November 2010

G'bye Ferris De Joux

Last week I wrote about several persons directly involved with designing and building Mini derivatives, who'd all passed away since my book came out last year. Sad news, yes, but I felt it deserved a place here never the less.

However, Paul from New Zealand, e-mailed me to note I'd forgotten about one such person: Ferris De Joux. And I'm sad to say he is darn' right. Ferris De Joux passed away on May 30th 2009 in his native New Zealand at the age of 73.

De Joux, from Auckland, had been fiddling with the idea of building a Mini based 2+2 coupe, which he called 'a Mini in a Bermuda jacket' himself, ever since the mid sixties but it took him untill the early seventies before it arrived. About twenty were built. De Joux built several more sporty cars before the Mini GT of which a Jaguar powered Ferrari intrigued me most.

De Joux died while he was in the process of restoring one of his own De Joux Mini GT's. About 90% of the work was done and the finishing off will now be carried out by Peter Benbrook who has plans to race the little GT. A great tribute, I'd say.

Update: click here for more De Joux'

                                  An original sketch of the De Joux Mini GT by Ferris De Joux. Copyright Motorman magazine

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