Monday, 26 September 2011

Mystery Mini derivative (16)

Because of it being very low, lacking a wind screen and having a white over green paint scheme this racer reminded me of Jaguar's infamous Group 44 racer for a second. But I suppose it has nothing to do with that beefy V12 powered machine. In fact it is Mini powered, or so is said, with its engine a la Landar R6 behind the cockpit. Unfortunately that is all I know about this car. The fact that it does use headlights could mean it is meant to be entered for endurance racing or it could be an attempt to have it road registered. Who can tell?

Nothing known on this low slung race car, apart from its Mini motorisation


  1. Possibly a 1964 ASP 1300S Racing car with Mini 1275 Cooper tuned engine. One of only 6 made.

  2. Hi Marco, I have only seen one picture of an ASP, or a car said to be one. Do you know more about these?