Thursday, 1 September 2011

Do the Hustler

So you have a yacht and are now looking for a nice tender to it to spent the last days of Summer on the Cote d'Azur or Italian lakes? Look no further, as a wooden Hustler six-wheeler has come up for sale in Sienna (Italy) that will suit nicely. Apart from the wood that it usually comes with, this one uses a teak bonnet in typical deck finish to fit the boat. There is plenty of chrome too that reminds of boating on the great wide open, think air scoops, flagpole and, naturally, a big compressor boat horn right in the middle of it. Big fun to blast the tourists away on your way to the boulevard or harbour. Then there's the interior in very sunny marine tints. Think aqua coloured leather and carpets with white piping. The 10" wheels are colour coded too, so you may have to retrim the interior of your yaght to fit the car, but where else would you find such a bargain at only 23,000 Euros (!!) Buyers click here. Non buyers click here to have some period fun too.

Is it a yacht, is it a classic speed boat? Nope, it's a Hustler. Really

The marine theme is continued into the interior. But where's the compass?

Colour coded wheels, jet skis on the roof. I bet William Towns loved it