Tuesday 20 December 2011

Model Mini derivatives

Needing a Christmas present for your beloved? How about a model Mini derivative? There are quite a few of these for sale and you may just be in time for Sunday when you order one now. See below a quick selection. Feel free to add more that you know of in the comments below.
Black Broadspeed GT (or a GTS?) in 1:43 from Spark
'63 Le Mans Deep Sanderson 301 in 1:43 from Bizarre models
And Deep Sanderson's 1964 entry, again from Bizarre models

The Le Mans Mini Marcos of 1966 in 1:43 from Spark

And the 1967 Le Mans Mini Marcos in 1:43 from Spark

Famous French MiniSprint in 1:43, again from Spark

Sports Tottini as a model! (more here) Seller/scale unknown

Nice Wildgoose Brent, once again from Spark and in 1:43

Beach car is just released by Spark: our own Best Find of 2010!


  1. Awesome. The Mini Marcoses are already on my wishlist.

  2. There are also a green and a red version of the Mini Marcos from Spark, the white version that was promised seems never to have made production. :-(

    I can send you photos of them if you want.
    I also have Mini Marcos models from Corgi,J-Top, RPM, Provance Moulage and Joker. I would love to get a Studio Kahn version of the Cosworth Mini Marcos or any one of the handmade versions by Maneo.

  3. There are also a blue/white Mini Wildgoose with closed roof and a green Mini Sprint and a white Broadspeed Mini from Spark available.
    Some of the models you can find in my shop: http://www.minimodelle.eu