Friday, 15 June 2012

Amazing Le Mans moment

It's Le Mans this weekend again. Now, have a good look at these two pictures. Yes, that's our brave Mini Marcos that came home 15th overall in the 24-hour endurance race of 1966. As you can see it had to withstand lots of bigger, more powerful, more expensive and more professionally built machinery that year. In fact it can be seen here it between the brutal 4-litre V12 Ferrari 330 P3 Spider of the North American Racing Team and 7-litre V8 Ford GT40 of Hollman and Moody. Both of these did not finish. Contrary to the less-then-1,3-litre Mini Marcos, built on a shoestring by a couple of French enthusiasts.

Now, look again to see what I see. Aren't these two pictures taken at the exact same moment from two different angles? I certainly believe so. Enjoy the weekend. To memorize our little number 50 and its bravest race, exactly 46 years ago now, simply click here.

1 comment:

  1. I'd say they were :-)

    The Ferrari is the Rodreguez/Ghinter car , the GT40 is that of Bucknum/Hutcherson.
    But for another Mini connection, car number 49 from the first photo is an Austin Healey that was driven by non other than Paddy Hopkirk !!!