Thursday, 7 June 2012

Utility derivatives galore

I don't know about you guys, but since I covered most of the Mini based sports cars in my first book I have developed a strange taste for utilities that used Mini mechanicals, and started tracking them down, too. Not easy! As I can tell by now there are plenty of these around. The Mini Moke spawned quite a few in the first place, but that's not all. Over the years there have been many others that were more individual, quirkier if you like. Most are simple, strong and sturdy and come in the shape of a motorised frame. And slowly but surely I am beginning to like them more and more. In fact you can still find lots of them around in any condition, from project to pristine. So why not make a selection of such cars that are currently offered for sale on the well known auction/advertisement sites? See below a Top 10 in alphabetical order. You just click on the links to see the advertisements. My pleasure. Oh, but don't forget to drop me a line when you buy one of them!

1. An AEM Scout (click here)
2. An Andersen Cub (click here)
3. An ASD Hobo (rare!) (click here)
4. An Autobarn Gecko (click here)
5. A Foers Nomad (click here)
6. A Hustler Six (click here)
7. A Kaig (okay, it's Metro powered) (click here)
8. A Scamp Mk2 (click here)
9. A Scamp Mk3 (click here)
10. A Whitby Warrior (unbuilt) (click here)

When was the last time you stumbled upon an Autobarn Gecko?
Picture courtesy
Kaig: motorised rollcage. It surely must have good power to weight ratio
Picture courtesy

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