Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (23)

From utilities over to sports racers. Mini based sports racers, mind you. This mysterious example was found in the US a couple of years ago with no one knowing what its background could be. One thing was certain though: there was a Mini engine lurking behind the seat, driving the rear wheels through long drive shafts. Question is whether it had been there originally, as it doesn't seem too well connected. On the other hand it does fit in the spaceframe chassis nicely and comes with an exhaust that seemed especially made for it. Who knows more about this intriguing American racing special?

UPDATE 2 October 2020: No identification yet but more pictures and some more details. Click here

Voloptuous and low bodywork reminds perhaps of Elva's early  racers? It is RHD
Wide wheels and fat tyres. Exhausts poking from rear must make it seriously noisy 
That's a Mini engine for sure, canted forwards like in the Landar R6 and R7 
Suspension at the rear uses double wishbones. Note long drive shafts


  1. It is interesting. It might be helpful to note the geographical location of where the car was found. It could help narrow the search.

    Just looking at the roll bar it almost looks too flimsy to be used into the early 70's. Which means it probably won't have a log book number stamped on it but you might look.

    Assuming the car didn't run but from 1963~ to maybe 1967 you could start looking at photos from the tracks surrounding the location it was found. (lots of websites with race photos in period on the net depending on the track)

    It is a strange compilation of components.

  2. Sorry mate, I have no idea where this one came from or where it is based. But I agree on the thin roll bar.

  3. I suggest it's the 2 seat version of the Terrapin. There was no standard body.

    1. Well… there has been an official two-seater Terrapin version named the Sarcon Scarab, which was designed and built by Terrapin instigator Allan Staniforth, too. But this could indeed have been a private effort to built such a car, using Staniforths blueprints...