Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mystery Mini derivative (35)

I'm not the biggest fan of modifying bread and butter cars by adding spoilers and skirts, wild paint, wide wheels, loud big bore exhausts and even louder stereos. But even I have to admit some of these creatures show an ingenious approach on craftmanship. How about the one below? I do not know much other then that it's supposed to have started life as a Mini in Germany. Mein Got. Look at these gullwing doors, that nose job, that bonnet, that screen. If this really is a Mini there's not much that has not been modified. Now that makes one curious, doesn't it?

What on earth is that? It is said to be a German Mini conversion, probably of the 1980s
Picture source unknown

UPDATE 25 March 2015: One more picture surfaces, thanks to the chap whop took the one above, too, on a show in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It was a Mini Van, at one point...


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  2. Hello, I am the one who has taken this picture at Vehikel at The Jaarbeurs Utrecht,
    I have also a picture from the left site of the car


    the base was a Mini Van