Tuesday 27 August 2013

World's shiniest Siva won't come near mud

Quite a few cars that I stumble apon and write about here are in not the prettiest state. They have been tucked away in barns or left in the open for decades. And so it's nice to see a change from that every now and then. Thanks to Mini derivative fan and Andersen Cub owner Wayne Morris here's one great example. He wrote: "Hi Jeroen, I saw this Siva Buggy and thought of you... Well I did after I thought how awesome it was. Some very nice fabrication work has gone into it over the 9 years the owner has been rebuilding it, including Beetle rear wheels on adapter plates to Mini rear hubs and arms. Is there a word in Dutch for Bling? Because there is a lot under here most if not all made by the owner himself." Thanks Wayne, that is striking indeed!

Proud Siva Buggy owner can only smile after 9 years of restoring and polishing
Picture courtesy Wayne Morris 
Holy mackerel, now that is bling! Could this be world's shiniest Mini engine?
Picture courtesy Wayne Morris


  1. One great looking Siva Buggy.

  2. That's me I will be adding some photos online .

    1. That'd be awesome! You can send them also to jeroen@jeroenbooij.com and I will add them here.