Monday, 5 August 2013

VitaMin MiniSprint lives!

One infamous MiniSprint racer has returned to the UK for the first time since decades and Pete Flanagan is once again our man. He sends in lots of pictures and information plus a video! He writes: "Hi Jeroen. Late last year I wondered if I could entice Jean Burgy, the owner of the BARC 1969 Hillclimb Championship winning BVRT MiniSprint to bring the car back to the UK for the first time since the mid 1970's. The car , first owned and raced by British Vita's Jeff Goodliff hadn't been run for many a long year but Jean spent months bringing his 180bhp supecharged, fuel injected, Weslake 8-port MiniSprint back to life and together with his pal Errol Monard kindly brought it over from Eastern France for the Cooper 'S' 50th birhday celebrations at Shelsley Walsh on July 28th. It was quite an occassion for many us to see the car bark into life for the first time, and what a symphony it makes! Jeff Goodliff himself couldn't make it on the day due to ill health but his son Simon came along and was taken aback by the sight and sound of the championship winning car built by his father some 45 years ago.The car is pretty much as it left Blighty all those years ago, more info here. Regards, Pete." Well done pal!

Ultra low and ultra light MiniSprint comes with one very chequered past
Picture courtesy Alan Cox 
With 8-port, blower and fuel injection car is said to be able to do 105mph in second gear
Picture courtesy Pete Flanagan
Look, no subframe! There's a solid rear axle with coil springs and disc brakes instead
Picture courtesy Pete Flanagan
It not only looks good, it sounds terrific, too. Click to watch video
Film footage courtesy Pete Flanagan / youtube 

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