Friday, 25 October 2013

A Unipower is a sexy beast (2)

Unipower GT related messages continue to drop in here and it's about time to make another update on the list of cars existing, with news coming from Portugal, the US and Japan. But meanwhile here is another shot from the Unipower stand during the 1967 Racing Car Show in London. This time it's not obstructed by that young man Moss desperately trying to hand over his phone number to that saucy girl on the car's bonnet. This picture concentrates on her alone - oh yes, it's Monika Dietrich again. This time dug up from the files of Richard Heseltine, that cheeky lad. By the time it was taken Moss had gone and Monika decided to get rid of most of her glitter suit. It must have been a warm day, back in January 1967. Thanks Richard!

Why wear a Mini skirt if there's something as lovely as a bikini?
Picture Richard Heseltine archive

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