Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Top 10 Mini derivatives

How could I miss this! A Top 10 of Mini derivatives in the current (November) issue of Classic and Sports Car magazine. It's by Richard Heseltine who every now pops in here, too, to leave one or two pictures from his fantastic files behind. He writes here: "Whittling down the list to just 10 cars was no easy task, and we've cleared of all bar the sports car stuff" But limited or not to that area only, what would your Top 10 look like? Richard came up with this:

1. Mini Marcos
2. Unipower GT
3. Zagato Mini Gatto
4. Deep Sanderson 301
5. Cox GTM / GTM
6. Nota Fang / Type IV
7. Owen Greenwood 'sidecar'
8. Midas
9. Mini Jem
10. Ogle SX1000

I think mine should look something like this:

1. Lawther GT
2. Gitane GT
3. Camber GT
4. Mini Marcos (the 1966 Mk1 Le Mans car to be precise)
5. Deep Sanderson 301
6. Butterfield Musketeer
7. Zagato Mini Gatto
8. Bulanti Mini
9. Cox GTM (make that the '67 Car and Car Converions car)
10. Unipower GT

Erm, all pretty sporty too. And there are so many more! But it's nice to have a dream, or 10, isn't it?