Monday, 14 October 2013

More about Tilling's Mini de Ville

Thanks for the messages I received in the past week. Some about the list of Unipower GTs that I made (click here - update soon) and also about the coachbuilt threesome seen here. Tilling Automotive Limited of London, who dreamt up the Tilling Mini de Ville in 1975 advertised their product in the motoring press at the time. And Sascha Wilkins was kind enough to send in one such ads - see below. It gives a good impression of what the converted roof looks like. Whatever happened to the car in question is unclear, but I now understand hat another Tilling Mini does survive. It doesn't have the converted roof, but does come with some other 'coachbuilt' features and does wear the Tilling Mini de Ville badges. Let me know if you own it now, or if you found out more about Tilling and their Minis.

So this is what the Tilling 'Landau roof conversion' looked like from the rear
Picture via Sascha Wilkins
This doesn't look too spectacular but it's 1975 Mini Clubman converted by Tilling, too
Picture courtesy  
It doesn't have the distinctive 'Landau' conversion, but does come with the badges
Picture courtesy


  1. Some minor info on Tilling minis: I used to go to Adam and Eve Mews in Kensington where their showroom / workshop was located .I think most cars were MK3 type minis or cooper S's.
    Most had the roof conversion,with earlier cars ,MK 2, having a rather strange wind-up window modification, which was marketed as a kit for DIY aswell.
    Best wishes

  2. I see that a particular person wishes to know about the tilling de ville mini. There is also some interesting information regarding this rare car.

    I am the person that purchased the car in July 2013 and at this moment it is near completion of a bare metal respray. I am hoping to have the car completed by the end of the year with regard installing all the original equipment which I am in the process of getting back to as near original condition as possible. If the person in the article regarding the tilling de ville series please feel free to contact me on the blog if you wish to know any more information.

    Is there anyone out there that has found additional information regarding the tilling de ville company. I have been on companies house and found the company did exist and it finished sometime in the mid 80's. Does anyone know also how many tilling de ville's were completed but more importantly how many are left as I feel I am possibly the only one in the country that has one. I stand corrected if anyone proves me wrong.