Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn sonata (2)

Okay, one more autumn posting. Not of a Stimson Safari 6 nor of a Unipower this time - this is the Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave of Danish Mini fan, coachbuilt Mini expert and great Maximum mini friend Jens Christian Lillelund. He wrote: "Autumn has reached us, but the weather was great today, so went for a long drive in the W&P. Unfortunately have they predicted colder weather so its only a matter of time untill I can't drive anymore, as they will put salt on the roads." Love it!

Gorgeous car, gorgeous surroundings. Jens Christian restored his W&P over a long timespan
Picture: Jens Christian Lillelund
 It's probably the only Wood & Pickett Mini with Janspeed turbo power
Picture: Jens Christian Lillelund

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