Wednesday, 25 June 2014

European Mini Marcoses unite

Marcos fans from Europe are gathering together for the Euregio Marcos Meet on Sunday 31 August in The Netherlands, and several Mini Marcoses will be attending from far and awide. There have been meetings like this in the 1990s and some fans of the marque have now teamed up to give it a new lease of life. As a matter of fact not all of these chaps are Mini Marcos owners, which means there will be Midases, too, and some Pimlicos have also been confirmed to make it over to this part of the world. I have been asked to form another display of Mini derivatives, something in the vein of Blyton Park, so let me just see if there is enthusiasm for that by responding below.

The idea is to gather at this restaurant in Oosterhout, NL at around 10:00 for coffee and tea and a lunch slightly later on. After lunch there will be a ride to Boxtel, some 30 miles to the east, where a brand new classic car showroom will be open for anyone driving a British car. Costs are calculated at a modest 15 Euros for the lunch plus 5 Euros for entrance to the showroom in Boxtel - any passengers pay 8 Euros to get in. For the first 150 cars and their drivers and passengers entrance is free though. Interested? Drop a line to the organizers on

Big Marcoses, Mini Marcoses, big flares and mini skirts. Let them all revive!
Picture courtesy NL Mini Marcos en Marcos club

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  1. Mini marcosses and pimlico's present! Schmitt from maximummini 2!
    Looking for more midases, mini jems, gtm etc