Thursday, 5 June 2014

Meet the Maximum Mini Coupe!

New Mini derivatives continue to find their way to here. And after the Mengers 3-wheeler I now have the honour to present to you… the Maximum Mini Coupe! Well... this one doesn't exist in real life, but former Mini and Pininfarina designer David Beasley has made one great effort in creating it on virtual paper.

You may remember David for his earlier artwork on this site (see here). This time he has come up with something least as exiting. He wrote to me: "Hi Jeroen, I hope you're well and having a great June so far! A while ago, one of your followers on the site, Nigel L I think (yep - that was Scottish Jimini-owner Nigel Lamb) responded to a comment I left about doing a crowd sourced ideal Mini. He suggested bits of Ogle, Midas, De-Joux and Camber to create a 'Maximum Mini' Mini. Well, I finally got round to doing a quick render, let me know what you think. Have a great rest of the week and kindest regards, David. Well - I have dropped him a line with quite a few exclamation marks as I think it's absolutely fantastic!
Now - who knows anything about crowd sourcing…?

Rendering courtesy David Beasley


  1. Hi Jeroen and David. What a fantastic creation David has penned. A retro yet modern look. I loved the detail such as the flaring of the indicators and rear of the door. If only you could buy one! I know that there are not as many Mini Classics to convert these days, but how about scaling the MMCoupe up slightly to use Modern MINI running gear so spiritually it would have a link to Mini. Regards, Nigel Lamb.

  2. Well Jeroen, I know a chap who'd a dab hand at knocking up a buck to pull GRP moulds from. Rates are reasonable........ :0) Al

  3. Hi Nigel, cheers for the kind words! I think there's always room for improvements so critiques are welcome! Personally, I think the front could be more iconic. I'd certainly be up for doing special bodies for modern Minis as well (it wouldn't be difficult to do a better job than that aweful Touring Superleggera Mini!) so if anyone has the time to do the molds, I can do the CAD model - Al, your friend may get a call! All the best and cheers to Jeroen for his infectious enthusiam! David