Friday, 13 June 2014

Deep Sandersons were heroic too!

Okay, I could have expected some comment calling Hrubon's 1966 Mini Marcos 'Le Mans most heroic entry' (click here). The Deep Sandersons that made it to the track in 1963 and 1964 were also pretty heroic, indeed. So here some pictures which I haven't published before to compensate for. Full stories on the cars at 24-hour race here for 1963, and here for 1964. Enjoy.

Pit scene of 1963. Chris Lawrence and Chris Spender in light blue overalls
Picture courtesy J.D. Belanger

Little and large - the 'clockwork mouse' is overtaken by big Ferrari 330 LM
Picture courtesy J.D. Belanger

Another great action shot during the race. Has it just passed a Ferrari 250 GTO here?
Picture courtesy LAT archive / Classic & Sports Car

The two Lawrence Tune entries for 1964 next to each other. Car at right is crashed later
Picture courtesy

The pit lane in that year. Gendarme overlooks Deep Sanderson 301 prior to start
Picture courtesy

Here together with Triumph Spitfire of Rob Slotemaker who'd tested the DS' engine!
Picture courtesy Jeroen Booij archive

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