Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas puzzle 2014

It's time for the traditional Maximum Mini Christmas puzzle!
Last year there weren't too many of you giving it a go, and so I decided to make this year's puzzle easier. Now with questions rather than photographs that need to be recognized. Most information needed can now be found on the pages of this blog, so everyone with some time at hand (hey, it's Christmas…) should give it a try. The idea is as simple as it always has been: you give the answers to the 50 questions below and the one with the most and /or best answers wins a specially signed copy of that brand new book 'Maximum Mini 2'. Send your answers via the comments below or via email - - up until December 31 of this year. Good luck!

Film & TV

1. Which comical 1970 film featured a Unipower GT?
2. In which television series a Siva Buggy was used frequently?
3. What 1968 James Bond parody featured a Mini Moke based vehicle?
4. Which television series used not one but two Stimson Mini Bugs?
5. The 1964 movie ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ features which Mini based one-off?

Still from Beach Blanket Bingo


6. What kind of equipment was once fitted to the Nimbus Don Parker Special’s engine?
7. What carburettor(s) ran the Deep Sanderson 301 at Le Mans in 1964?
8. What is the main (technical) difference between the Cox GTM and Heerey GTM?
9. What special cylinder head is fitted to the Fisher Spider?
10. What was unusual about the chassis construction of the Sekura Mini?

Don Parker's Nimbus Special. But what is that thing?


11. What was the price that a Beach car fetched last August at an auction in California?
12. What was the original selling price for the MiniSprint Traveller?
13. What was the base price of the ‘Hustler in Wood’ in 1980?
14. What was the price that Peter Sellers supposedly paid for his coachbuilt Hooper Mini?
15. What was the base price of the Wildgoose conversion on an existing Mini Van?

MiniSprint Traveller. What did it cost new?


16. What was the nickname of the Le Mans Mini Marcos in 1966?
17. The Unipower GT initially had another name. What was that name?
18. What was the nickname of the original Deep Sanderson prototype?
19. The Roamer was built under at least two more names. Which ones?
20. What was the name of the Dutch-built Stimson Mini Bug?

This Deep Sanderson had an unusual nickname

Trivia 1

21. Which British newspaper gave away a Broadspeed GT in a very easy contest?
22. The only British-built Nota Fang does not survive. What happened to it?
23. What was the only colour available for the Status 365 and why?
24. Which famous Italian designer offered a coachbuilt version of the Mini saloon in 1966?
25. Which other Mini based vehicle was designed by Scamp instigator Robert Mandry?

Which newspaper gave away a Broadspeed GT?

Trivia 2

26. What happened to the roof moulds of the Ecurie de Dez?
27. The Gecko was developed by a one-model specialist? What model did they specialize in?
28. Before the Butterfield Musketeer, Richard Butterfield (re)designed which car?
29. The Fletcher GT features a redesigned Ogle rear with light clusters of which car?
30. In which Mini derivative was the Minister for Interior of Uganda supposedly interested?

Fletcher GT: where are these rear lights sourced from?


31. In what kind of premises was the Lightspeed Magenta built?
32. In what kind of premises was the mould of the Taylorspeed MiniJem made?
33. In what kind of premises was the Ranger Cub built?
34. In what kind of premises was the Libra Magnum built?
35. In what kind of premises was the first AF Spider built?

Where was this Taylorspeed Jem mould made?


36. How many records did Allan Staniforth set with his original Terrapin in October 1968?
37. How many records that the TransXL Mini Marcos broke stand to this day?
38. Which Mini derivative amassed 10 sidecar records in one year?
39. Which 3-wheeler is said to have driven round Malory Park at under the lap record?
40. Which car set a record at Bathurst, Australia, when it was clocked at 127.8 mph?

The TranXL Mini Marcos on its way to another victory


41. How many inches shorter than a standard Mini saloon was the Gordon Mini?
42. How many Mini powered Davrians were officially built?
43. How many years did it take Robert Lawther to build the Lawther GT?
44. What is the number of Camber GTs and Maya GTs tracked down for this blog?
45. What was the capacity in ccs of the Kingfisher Sprint's engine in Turbosport guise?

One of how many Mini powered Davrians?

Numbers 2

46. How many Ogle SX1000s were built?
47. How many Codford Minis were built?
48. How many Foers Nomads were built by John Foers?
49. What is the kerb weight in kgs of the Hrubon Phaeton?
50. What was the age of Desmond ‘Dizzy’ Addicot when he passed away in 2005?

A rare Codford Mini. How many were made?


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