Friday, 12 December 2014

What is the Best Find of 2014?

It's about mid-December and over here that means we're making up which was the best find of the past year. Quite a few Mini derivatives were found in sheds, gardens and garages once more and I made a selection out of 12, from coachbuilt Minis to three-wheelers and several odd contraptions in between.

Below, you will find the cars that have made it to the contest and to vote simply go to the poll on the right side of this blog (click here if you read this through an email message) where you tick the box of your favourite find. The one with the most votes wins - it's simple as that. Over to the candidates.

1. The Tenerife SHADO Jeep

An amazing discovery early this year was made on the isle of Tenerife, where a long-lost SHADO Jeep resurfaced in between lots of scrap metal. Full story here.

2. The sole Mean Sonora BMC

The story of this car was unraveled here and eventually led to the rediscovery of it in a Belgian garden. Full restoration underway by now. Full story here.

3. Enzo Ferrari's coachbuilt Mini

It's still not confirmed, but there is much leading to believe that this actually was the Mini Cooper 'S' owned by and coachbuilt for Enzo Ferrari. Full story here.

4. The ABC Tricar prototype

It took me years to find a proper ABC Tricar for photography when all at a sudden the prototype resurfaces in a barn in Buckinghamshire. Full story here.

5. The unbuilt Ranger Cub 4

Never seen one in the flesh, but there it was: a Ranger Cub with not three but four wheels. This one came in a field in Staffordshire. Story here.


  1. Gotta say the SHADO without a doubt. It needs to be mixing it up at Goodwood, pronto. Thanks for the poll!

  2. No way! The Méan Sonara BMC, the Find of 2014. Have you ever seen such a nice flower in a garden in Belgium. Cherish this flower and hopefully, we will see it everywhere between the Mini's in Europe. Perhaps Blyton Park...? Greetz,

  3. The Méan Sonara BMC. The one and only and yes...following it to Monaco would be a pleasure.

  4. Gotta go with the SHADO jeep as I am the one who found it :) [seriously, no joke]
    Greetings from Tenerife,