Friday, 12 December 2014

From Germany with love

I had fanmail from Germany this week!
Vera Domnick wrote to me: "I am a real fan of those thrilling Mini derivatives, especially since we own one ourselves! And exactly this kind of car is featured in your book #2: a Hrubon Schmitt."
"Our Schmitt might be one of maximum three cars registered in Germany, although I do not know any other owner over here. Just Bart's yellow one in Belgium (see the book-JB), and some French Schmitts. For example the very worn car that Laurent Hrubon keeps in St. Tropez, whom we visited last summer. Of course, we took our little Schmitt along…"

"Our little 'Pinkie' is a very special one, since it was built from a kit by its only previous owner as an eye-catcher for his showroom. He owned a garage/workshop for British cars in Dusseldorf. It dates from 1985, showing only original 2,300 kms on the clock when we purchased it in February 2014. The colour is glitter-pink-metallic, with metal-flake added to the clear coating. Technically, it's a Mini 1000 with disc-brakes and brake-booster coming from an Innocenti Cooper, equipped with 10x5" Exacton wheels of early Mayfair Sport Minis. The rear window of the hood is shaped as a heart, black, perfectly fitting seats coming from an early Land Rover. It was also equipped with a tow-bar, which we removed temporarily for better handling. The sound reminds me of a racing car, since there is no air filter mounted, due to lack of space. The air for the carburettor is taken from the inside of the speedometer housing…"

"Driving this car is an absolutely great experience! You’ll always find brightly smiling faces all around yourself and the car. To get an impression, see some pictures attached. Maybe I will contribute to the little forum on your Internet site, introducing our 'Pinkie'. But this will be after Christmas, since I want to take a look at your book and the Schmitt article first. Cheers, Vera Domnick"

Well, it's already included here now, Vera. Enjoy the book and have a good Christmas!

Vera's Schmitt was built as centre piece for a Dusseldorf showroom, back in 1985
Picture courtesy Vera Domnick

She took it to St. Tropez last summer. It has Innocenti Mini 1000 engine and brakes
Picture courtesy Vera Domnick

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  1. To set right the picture subtitle: it's an English Mini 1000 engine from a crashed car with 10.000 km on the clock (1985), while brakes incl. booster had been new parts of Innocenti Cooper 1300 type... but never mind! ;-))

    Thanks, Jeroen, for showing our little "Pinkie" on your Blog! It will be presented several times "live" this year at Mini - and Classic-Car-meetings in Germany, and, perhaps, at the IMMM (int. Mini Moke Meeting) 2015 in Switzerland.