Tuesday, 20 January 2015

More Broadspeed GTS pictures emerge

You may know by now that the Broadspeed GTS spent most of its life in The Netherlands, where it was raced between 1967 and 1971, mostly on Zandvoort, before it languished in Amsterdam for another few decades.

We've seen a picture of the car in action before (here), taken by Hans Hugenholz. But Hans has more of them! Some of these below, taken at the Zandvoort track - designed by Hans' father - in 1969. During that year then-owner Tonio Hildebrand raced it at least three times under number 7 - and finished three times first in class. I think it had a golden bronze colour at the time. Great shots, love them!

The Broadspeed GTS in Zandvoort's Hugenholtz corner, named after the track's designer
Picture courtesy Hans Hugenholtz

Note it doesn't have the ram pipes poking through the bonnet like earlier at Zandvoort (here)
Picture courtesy Hans Hugenholtz

Capacity was 1293 or 1296cc back in 1969 and it was fast enough to beat all other Minis  
Picture courtesy Hans Hugenholtz

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  1. I think I'll carry on painting this one as soon as I have some free time!..