Monday, 19 January 2015

Mystery Mini derivative (40)

This mysterious Mini based six-wheeler hails from France and was spotted in an ad by reader Vera Domnick. She wrote: "I just ran across this advertisment in France. Did you ever see this car before? Labelled as a Moke, it's really quite ugly..." The car is said to be of 1964-vintage and is offered for sale in Villedieu-les-Poêles, which is situated quite convenient for interested parties from the UK... see the ad here.

I think it may be based on a Scamp Mk2 or MDV six-wheeler, but I'm not totally sure. What do you think?

There are clearly hints of a Scamp Mk2 or an MDV in there. Or am I seeing things?
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Six snow gyres and a big flat bed for carrying another Mini derivative?
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An interior doesn't get much simpler. Again: that fits the suggested donors
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Is that a Mini or Metro engine? One thing is clear: that is an awful lot of wiring!
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  1. Definitely a Mini front subframe as I can clearly see heavy duty tie bars in the first picture - so that rules out the MDV as a derivative. Possibly Nomad?

    The bulge on the front makes it look as though it has a front mounted radiator but then you see the standard Mini rad in the engine bay.

    1. Good one! And, yes, a Nomad could indeed be another possibility. Meanwhile, I found it is registered as a mauve coloured Morris 1100…